How to use a Ezy As Stocking Donner

The EzyAs™ is a compression stocking applicator and compression sock aid. It reduces the difficulty and pain when putting on upper and lower limb compression garments.

The EzyAs™ has been designed to assist those with limited mobility and lower body aches and pains. It also assists carers of patients who find it difficult to dress patients with tight-fitting compression garments.


The EzyAs™ is a medical aid that helps put on compression bandages or socks without bending, stretching on straining or remove socks, stockings or compression bandages easily.

This product was invented after the founder suffered from leg ulcers. He found that other compression stocking assistive devices simply wouldn’t work with his fused ankles. He found that the invention was really more than just a stocking donner, shoe horn or sock slider. Clients would also use it as an elastic stocking aid, or to assist in putting on socks without bending over.

It also assists in putting on compression garments over your arms.

Those suffering from lymphedema, deep vein thrombosis and varicose veins have had their lives made easier. One of your most difficult daily living tasks has now been made easier!