2 Compartment Lunch Box

2 Compartment Lunch Box


Easy to clean, reusable and practical – the 2 Compartment Lunch Box from Avanti is ideal for transporting your home-made lunch to and from work, school, picnics and camping trips.

This clever design has an 18/8 stainless steel tray that rests in a base container, with two compartments for your food.

You can heat up your food naturally by pouring hot water up to halfway between the base container and the stainless steel compartment. You can also chuck the base container and lid into the microwave if you prefer to warm up your food that way. The lid is made from silicone and is airtight, and you can secure the contents of your lunch with the four-sided locking mechanism.

Keep the contents of your lunch separate and easier to portion out plus be able to heat them up without the need for a microwave with the 2 Compartment Lunch Box from Avanti.

  • 18/8 Stainless steel tray with 2 compartments for portioning food
  • Silicone line snap lock transparent lid
  • Four-sided locking mechanism
  • Base container and lid are microwave safe
  • Pour hot water between the base and stainless-steel compartment for natural reheating

In Use Dimensions: 23L x 16.5W x 7H cm

Packed Dimensions:23L x 16.5W x 7H cm

Capacity:0.9 L

Material: Stainless Steel | Polypropylene | Silicone

Weight:0.39 Kg