Auto Asssit Grab Handle

Auto Asssit Grab Handle


This easy-to-use Seat Belt Helper from Aidapt is a simple and effective solution for car drivers or passengers with weakened hands and wrists or stiffness in the back, neck, shoulder or hips. This clever personal aid reduces the need for twisting and stretching. Just clip the sturdy, rubber Seat Belt Helper onto left or right-hand seat belts, grab the attached handle and pull. Easy-to-use personal aid for car drivers and passengers, Ideal for users with weakened grip or limited upper body mobility, Reduces the need for twisting and reaching, Will fit both left and right-hand seat belts

DVA Approved:

Allianz Global Assistance (Please note supply by Nova Medical Australia)

AP00 Mobility Appliances AP09 Transfer Equipment

DVA Approved: Catalog No: AAH31002