Avanti Mezzaluna Pizza Rocker Cutter 35cm

Avanti Mezzaluna Pizza Rocker Cutter 35cm

SKU: NM12318

Easier to use than a pizza wheel, with zero toppings being dragged from one side of the pizza to the other.  The 35cm Avanti Mezzaluna Pizza rocker cutter cuts pizza fast and like nothing else. 

The rocker pizza cutter is manufactured out of stainless steel with an ultra-sharp blade which ensures uniform cut with full efficiency every time.

Cutting pizza requires a no-strain, easy two-handed rocking motion, making easy and quick work of dividing the pizza into portions mess-free! 

The Avanti Mezzaluna pizza slicer is engineered for heavy-duty use, it won't bend, warp or dull easily on you.  High performance, built to last. 
Works efficiently whether its thin or thick crust pizza.
Engineered for heavy and long-lasting use.
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe!

Technical Information:

Length: 35cm
Max Width: 9cm
Material: Commercial Grade Stainless Steel 18/8
Dishwasher safe
Note: Wooden tray not included.