Avanti Spill Guard 28cm

Avanti Spill Guard 28cm

SKU: NM12107

This heat resistant product will help make cooking safer and easier. If love cooking but are sick of cleaning up pots and stove tops from boiled over jams, rice, pasta or milk, this simple but effective device will change your kitchen forever! The Spill Stopper will prevent your pot content from foaming or spilling all over your stove.

This ingenious Spill Stopper also can double as a lid for pots missing their own lids or use it as a splatter guard when frying or microwaving.

Flip this Spill Stopper over and it then becomes a steamer, a great and healthy way of cooking all your vegetables and seafood. Plus think of the time you’ll also save, you can be cooking your rice, pasta or sauce below and steaming on top.

Made with a silicone that is resistant to high heats of up to 400 degrees, it can also be safely used in the microwave and dishwasher. 

Diameter 28cm x 25cm