Breezy Basix 2 Self-Propel Wheelchair

Breezy Basix 2 Self-Propel Wheelchair

SKU: 074100

The Breezy Basix 2 Wheelchair is a lightweight aluminium, folding wheelchair, suitable for a wide range of users. Improvements have been made to include greater adjustments to the seat depth (41cm to 46cm) and adjustable backrest tension to ensure user comfort. Further adjustments can be made to the seat height, armrest, axle plate, castor fork and wheel positions.

The Breezy Basix 2 wheelchair is highly efficient and easy to use for both user and carer.

Sizes Available: 
14" x 16" - 18" 
16" x 16" - 18"
18" x 16" - 18"
20" x 16" - 18"

Seat Width: 38cm - 52cm (depending on size)
Seat Height: 42.5cm - 51cm
Backrest Height: 41cm - 46cm (adjustable)
Armrest Height: 20cm - 23cm
Total Width: 55cm - 66cm (depending on size)
Total Height: Varies due to seat width
Total Weight: Varies due to seat width
Max User Weight: 125kg