Cutan Luxury Foaming Handwash 1 Litre Each

SKU: NMSSS1275482

Cutan Foaming Handwash 1 Litre Each

Instant Foam - Very little water is required to generate a rich lather. Low Active Content - Foam generated is 20 times the volume in contact with the skin, reducing the possibility of drying or irritation. Light Fragrance - Pleasant during use and suitable for frequent washing. Low Viscosity - Cartridge drains completely. Quick Rinse Off - Reduces water consumption and wash-up time. Leaves skin clean. Conditioning - Contains a superfatting conditioning agent which leaves the skin feeling soft and supple, even after frequent use. Economical - Offers 1660 hand washes per cartridge and is suitable for light-to-medium traffic areas. Hygienic - A new pump supplied with each cartridge, reducing the risk of product contamination