Equagel Protector Pressure Cushion with washable cover

Equagel Protector Pressure Cushion with washable cover


Available in many sizes.

The top half of the cushion - the comfort layer - has two options to fit your needs and to adjust the protection you need.

One has a sculpted trochanter bucket ¼" deep for extra cushioning and the second top layer has a deeper bucket ¾" for comfort and added stability.

Find the layer that best suits you! EquaGelTM is a dry-polymer gel, almost rubbery. It is not a liquid.

This gel has unbelievable tensile and compression strength.

One of its most amazing features is referred to as column buckling.

Simply put, each wall of gel is capable of supporting only a marginal load. When that threshold is exceeded, the wall buckles under and passes the weight to the surrounding walls for support.

This "buckling and weight-passing" happens instantly and repeatedly until the maximum surface area of pressing weight is evenly supported by sufficient walls to hold the weight up, regardless of its shape.

Applied to seat cushions, the pressure points of the ischium and coccyx are allowed to buckle into the cushion without resistance while the buttocks are supported evenly. The area's most likely to develop pressure sores are allowed to float nearly pressure-free within the pad while the client's weight is distributed evenly across the cushion.

Traditional cushioning technologies compress under a weight load. As a load compacts a foam cushion, the foam will bottom out under the heavier and pointier parts of the body causing pressure and ischemia and putting a client at risk of developing an ulcer.

The harder a foam is compressed, the harder it pushes back - the higher the pressure and greater the risk of developing a sore. This compression strategy ultimately is attempting only to slow the development of pressure sores rather than eliminating pressure points.

Tempur-foams, while also exacerbating heat issues, are a prime example of attempting to slow pressure development rather than eliminating it.

Adjustable air systems ultimately follow the same model as foam cushions.

Once a weight is pressing onto an air chamber and the air as displaced outward to the limits of the air chamber, compression and pushing-back takes place.

Adjusting the chamber with more or less to air doesn't eliminate compression; it masks it the same as substituting harder or softer foams would. This is also true with liquid bladders, displacing air or liquid to the capacity of a chamber results in compression.

EquaGelTM, through the patented process of column buckling, allows pressure points at the ischium and coccyx to free-float down in the cushion while the weight is evenly distributed across the entire contact surface of the client.

Incontinence Concerns! EquaGelTM is non-allergenic and can be washed simply by spraying the gel with water.

For further sanitation treatments, soaps and disinfectants do not harm the gel