Ergonomic Grip Forearm Crutches SWL 160kg

Ergonomic Grip Forearm Crutches SWL 160kg

SKU: NM2513-Arth

Adjustable cuff and leg height.  Unique contoured plastic handle evenly distributes
pressure across the palm of the hand. Lightweight aluminium

Handgrip Height: 760-985mm Cuff to Handgrip Height: 240-315mm
Tip Size: 22mm Max User Weight: 100kg

Available in:

Medium 890-1200mm 

Large 890-1370mm

DVA Approved:

Allianz Global Assistance (Please note supply by Nova Medical Australia) AP00 Mobility Appliances AP03 Crutches

DVA Approved: Catalog No:

Large Pair    Catalog No.: JAN-124AT

Medium Pair Catalog No.: JAN-124A