Etac Beauty Kit, Includes Body Washer, Comb Long, Multipurpose Grip


Etac Beauty products are a lightweight range of ergonomically designed bathing or grooming products, designed to minimise stress and strain. All products are carefully balanced to provide maximum power with minimal effort and minimal strain to the hands, arms and shoulders. Each product has a unique shape that makes reaching even easier.

The Body Washer is a lightweight washing aid to help reach all areas of the body without strain to arms or shoulders. The Comb (Standard length) helps comb hair without needing to lift the arm above shoulder height. And the Mulitpurpose Grip is a versatile aid to hold nail files or other items that can be challenging for someone with arthritis or reduced hand strength or dexterity.

  • range of ergonomic beauty care aids
  • ideal for people with arthritis or limited reach
  • Kit includes Body Washer, Comb and Multipurpose Grip
  • 3 nail files also included