HELIO Kids Manual Wheelchair

HELIO Kids Manual Wheelchair


Kids can be tough on their wheelchairs! Helio Kids can take the punishment because it's manufactured using cutting edge carbon fibre technology that provides unrivalled strength and durability, yet it is incredibly lightweight.

With its superior fatigue resistance, extreme temperature tolerances and exceptional durability, carbon fibre is one of the strongest yet lightest materials on earth. That’s why it’s the ultimate wheelchair material — making the Helio Kids the lightest folding paediatric wheelchair anywhere.

Everybody benefits from an easier to propel kid’s wheelchair. The Symmetrical Molded Crossbrace, oval shaped tubes and oversized pivot axles work in concert, while the unique Ultrarigid Folding System maximizes frame rigidity and responsiveness. 

The Helio Kids is made to grow right along with them. The adjustable back means the seat depth can be increased up to 3” (7.6 cm) in infinite increments for greater precision. Plus, you can adjust and modify the footplate height in seconds.

Even an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre frame can get weighed down without the right components. That’s why every single accessory, bolt and bracket of the Helio Kids is designed with weight reduction in mind. Lightness is a priority - from the forged aluminium axle plate to the functional swing-in, swing-out front rigging.

  • Outstanding performance and unrivaled lightness.
  • The innovative frame design lets you achieve a super low 13 1/2” seat-to-floor height with a 4” caster on a standard frame.
  • New composites lightweight armrest quickly converts from flip-back to single post for easier configuration.
  • Made from the lightest and most rigid material available, also renowned for its vibration dampening properties.
  • Entirely symmetrical carbon fiber crossbrace for reduced torsion and a better distribution of forces throughout the frame.
  • Ultra Rigid Folding System provides precise tolerances and over sized pivot axles for best-in-class propulsion efficiency.
  • Depth adjustable back which adjusts depth of a chair up to 3” with infinite adjustments for precision and comfort.
  • Forged vertical axle plate offers precise rear wheel adjustability and responsiveness.
    Frame Folding Unibody Frame
    Material T700 High Modulus Carbon Fibre
    Weight 5.3 kg (12 lbs) (w/o rear wheels and footrests)
    Weight Capacity 79 kg (175 lbs)
    Width 30.5 CM (12") to 40.6 CM (16")
    Depth 30.5 cm (12") to 48.3 cm (19")
    Front seat-to-floor height 33.0 cm (13") to 54.0 cm (21¼")
    Rear seat-to-floor height 31.8 cm (12½") to 48.3 cm (19")

  • • The HELIO Kids was designed to be used on hard and plane surfaces like asphalt, concrete, and indoor flooring such as
    • Beware that the manoeuvrability of the wheelchair is significantly affected by different outside conditions such as sand, mud, rain, snow and rough surfaces.  
    • Be careful when using your wheelchair on wet or slippery surfaces.
    • Exposure to water or excessive moisture can be damaging and may even cause the wheelchair to corrode over the longterm.
    • Do not leave your wheelchair in humid environments such as the bathroom (e.g. while taking a shower).
    • Do not use your wheelchair in the shower, pool, or other water situations.