Hicare Bath Wipes Eco Bath Resealable 8 Cloth Pack Box of 30

SKU: NMSSS1318691

Hicare Eco Bath Resealable 8 Cloth Pack Box of 30

HiCare Bathing products are designed to cleanse, protect & moisturise the skin. The HiCare Disposable Bathing System is one of the most efficient and hygienic bathing solutions. HiCare personal hygiene products are the superior choice for high integrity waterless bathing. Using HiCare creates a comfortable experience for the person in need while dramatically reducing bathing times, allowing care givers the ability to deliver a higher standard of care.

Why Choose HiCare?

Nurturing product that improves comfort and wellness

Quick and efficient bathing solution

Maintains dignity whilst bathing

No water, basin or soap required

Dramatically reduces bathing times

Cost-effective alternative

pH balanced, alcohol, soap and latex free

Wipes contain moisturisers and emollients to leave skin feeling soft

HiCare products do not promote microbial growth

HiCare Products are also suitable for defence/military, travellers and domestic use


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