Invacare Action 2NG Transit Wheelchair SWL 125kg

Invacare Action 2NG Transit Wheelchair SWL 125kg

The all-new Action 2NG has been developed from the tried-and-tested Action 3 concept. The specifications meet the basic needs of the

users whilst refusing to compromise on safety or comfort. The next generation Action 2NG shares the same essential platform as the
Action 3, offering a low total weight for easy handling combined with good driving abilities. Due to the shared use of common components,the Action 2NG perfectly fits into the ActionNG Family.

Seat Widths 16 or 19"

DVA Approved:

Allianz Global Assistance (Please note supply by Nova Medical Australia)

 AP00 Mobility Appliances AP17 Wheelchair – Manual (standard)

DVA Approved: Catalog No: Sizes 41/45/48cm Seat (Specify Size)

Invacare action 2ng transit wheelchair Catalog No.: A2NGTR