Light Drive Power Assist

Light Drive Power Assist


Turn your manual wheelchair into a powerful, ultra-light electric wheelchair in seconds. LightDrive is a power assistance device that hooks onto the rear of any rigid or folding manual wheelchair and is controlled by a joystick.


The LightDrive tackles almost any terrain. It’s lightweight, versatile and quiet.  Because it is such a compact, lightweight unit, the LightDrive can be transported almost anywhere, which gives you the independence to go where you want to go at your own pace - climb hills with no effort, coast across grass, sweep along gravel paths and uneven pavers – in short, most things pedestrians can do.

The Light Drive is controlled with a joystick yet remains as manoeuvrable and as easy to use as a manual chair. By releasing the clutch you can free wheel giving you the freedom to choose when to use it. It’s simplicity means that journeys are much easier.

The LightDrive is suitable for almost all wheelchairs from 36cm between wheels. It is attached to the back of a wheelchair with a battery pack. The controller mounts onto a bracket which attaches to the wheelchair. 2 motors drive the wheels with a removable anti tip foot to guarantee stability.

    • Turns your self-propelled wheelchair into a power chair in seconds.
    • Handles all terrains.
    • Robust & reliable technology from Benoit Systemes.
    • Range 14km-16km on one battery charge.
    • Top speed 10km/h.
    • No wheelchair modification required.
    • Suitable for most terrains (excludes some rough surfaces and very steep inclines)
    • Attaching the unit to your rigid or folding manual wheelchair can be done in seconds.
    • Disengaging LightDrive is just as simple. To release the unit from your wheelchair, simply pull the two locking handles inward then use the lift handle located on top to remove the unit upward and away from your wheelchair.

Note: If your wheelchair is not equipped with suitable tyres to handle these conditions, your tyres are likely to deteriorate quite quickly.

The Light Drive can be fitted onto any self-propel wheelchair except those with suspension or those with wheels smaller than 20 inches. 

    Max. Weight Approx. 100 kg (16 stone) for optimum performance. Can go up to 120 kg (9 stone) - terrain dependent.
    Weight of Unit Motor 9kg. Battery 5kg. Brackets & Joystick 500g.
    Climb 20% (12º) for a person weighing 70kg (11 stone)
    Speed Adjustable between 0-10 km/h (0-6 mph)
    Range 14 to 16 km
    Tyres Contact us for recommendations. You need tyres with excellent traction and a very thick layer of puncture resistant material. Solid tyres are not compatible.
    Front Castors No smaller than 6" in diameter.
    Battery Lithium
    Control Joystick (programmable)