Liquid 2 Level Sensor

Liquid 2 Level Sensor

SKU: KDNM4194-3
  • he Liquid 2 Level Sensor is an aid for people with vision impairment to fill cups and glasses with 2 levels of liquid.

  • Easy to use.

  • The unit simply hangs over the side of a cup or glass with the probes on the inside.

  • Ideal for making a cup of tea or coffee with milk.

  • Simply pour in your hot water stopping when a pulsating tone is heard.

  • Pour in milk stopping when a continuous tone is heard.

  • Your cup is now filled to approximately 15mm from the top and ready to drink.

  • Can also be used as a single level sensor such as for non mixed drinks.

  • Handy magnets on the back of the unit allow for easy storage on fridge or other metal object.