Luxury Bedside Commode SWL 160 kg


A aluminium, height adjustable bedside commode with luxury padded upholstery. The pan is provided as standard. Modesty cover reduces visibility of the pan. Seat is hinged and flips up for pan use. A buckle is fitted to hold modesty covers in place when seat is in the upright position. Oval tube frame construction. Available in burgundy, navy and rustic.

Model JBA500: One model only

  • Load Capacity (supplier stated) 160 kg Depth of Seat 490 mm
  • Width of Seat 485 mm Height of Fixed Armrest from Seat 170 mm Weight 10.1 kg Height Overall 935 mm - 1085 mm Length Overall 600 mm
  • Width Overall 620 mm Height of Seat 500 mm - 650 mm
  • Weight Overall 10.1 kg