Mepilex Border Lite 5 x 12.5cm Box of 5

Mepilex Border Lite 5 x 12.5cm Box of 5

SKU: NM1251874

Benefits of Mepilex Border Lite

  • Secure fit for the wound & body
  • A thin & comfortable all in one dressing
  • Broad selection of sizes
  • Minimises trauma to the wound & pain to the patient during dressing changes
  • Shower proof & bacteria proof
  • Reduces the risk of maceration (when the skin softens and turns white due to to much moisture)
  • Does not adhere to the moist wound bed
  • Adheres gently & securely to dry, intact surrounding skin

How Mepilex Border Lite Works

Mepilex Border Lite is a thin and comfortable version of Mepilex Border.  With a variety of sizes, Mepilex Border Lite is perfect for body contours and hard to dress areas.  It is a self adherent dressing that absorbs exudate, maintains a moist wound environment and minimises risk of peri-wound maceration.  The Safetac properties allow the dressing to be changed without causing additional pain to the patient or trauma to the wound and surrounding skin.

Areas of Use

Mepilex Border Lite is designed for the management of a wide range of non to low exuding wounds such as leg and foot ulcers, pressure ulcers and traumatic wounds eg. abrasions, cuts, finger injuries, blisters and skin tears. Mepilex Border Lite can also be used for protection of compromised and/or fragile skin.