Mepilex Lite 15 x 15cm Box of 5

Mepilex Lite 15 x 15cm Box of 5

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Mepilex Lite is a soft and highly conformable foam dressing that absorbs wound fluid (exudate) but keeps your wound sufficiently moist. Mepilex Lite is a thinner version of Mepilex. The unique and patented Safetac® adhesive makes sure that your dressing can be changed without damaging your wound or skin around it. This makes the dressing change as pain free as possible and also makes sure that the skin around your wound stays dry and healthy. 

Areas of use

Mepilex Lite is a versatile dressing that can be used on many different wounds that exudes little. Typical wounds that are treated with Mepilex Lite are Diabetic foot ulcers. Skin reactions after cancer radiotherapy treatment.  Foot and leg ulcers.

Main benefits of Mepilex Lite

Minimises pain and skin damage at dressing changes

Is extremely soft and very comfortable to wear

Can soothe and decrease itching of radiotherapy damaged skin

Can remain in place for several days depending on the condition of the wound

Low risk of skin irritation and allergy