Microshield Hand wash Cassette - 1.5 litre each

SKU: NMSSS1131375

MICROSHIELD ® Handwash A mild neutral formula for routine and social hand washing.   Gently cleanses the skin Removes excessive and spent oils Enriched with emollient and moisturiser. Microshield Handwash allows for high repetition routine handwashing and is not as harsh on the skin as other products resulting in less skin damage. It has a pH of 7.0 with emollients and moisturisers in an aqueous base. Microshield Handwash should be used for personal hygiene, before and after handling food and before and after patient contact. Microshield handwash is suitable for use in all routine procedures and should not be used for open wounds, surgery or aseptic tasks.Available in 500ml. 1.5 Litre Cassette and 5 Litre