Millie Mova Chair Glide

Millie Mova Chair Glide


The Millie-Mova chair moving device makes mealtimes safer and easier when moving people to and from the meal table. 

The most important safety feature is the protection provided for carers assisting elderly or disabled clients/relatives to and from the table, which has been known to cause injuries. The Millie-Mova makes joining the table at mealtimes easy and safe for both carer and user.

Unlike other possible solutions to the problem of moving elderly or disabled people whilst safely seated, the chair fitted with a millie-mova retains high stability when unoccupied. This means that a person unsteady on their feet can lean on the chair and it does not “scoot” away from them, which could lead to a fall, with dire consequences. The braking system is automatic.

Benefits of the Millie-Mova include:

  • Universal kit fits virtually any dining chair and is simple to install.
  • Easy to use – a child can do it
  • Eliminates risk of injury to carer (back, hip, knee and shoulder)
  • Prolongs chair and floor life
  • Improves dignity and safety for service user
  • Safeguards service user’s legs and hands
  • Unobtrusive
  • May be easily cleaned for infection control
  • Very low maintenance
  • Low cost of ownership

Instalation fee applies if required