One Touch Automatic Salad Wash & Spin

SKU: KDNM41123

The One Touch Automatic Salad Wash & Spin makes fresh salad preparation easier than ever. It is one of the few salad spinners that also include a "wash cycle" - patented tumbling technology washes the salad and rinses any dirt and pesticides without leaving any excess water. Besides washing salad and vegetables, this plastic salad spinner can also be used for washing rice grains leaving your rice more fluffy and delicious. After washing the salad, the waste water can be easily drained out from the spinner with lid placed in an inclined position. 

This salad washer and spinner features two partition plates dividing the basket into three segments which allows you to wash three different items segregated in these compartments. For soft and delicate items like berries and herbs you can use the smaller compartment to protect them from getting squished. 

The device runs on 2 x AA-sized alkaline or rechargeable batteries (not included).