OrthoAir Short

OrthoAir Short


With 360o of circumferential rigid protection, the OrthoAir Short CAM walker provides the ultimate in mid-foot immobilization. With anterior and poster injection moulded plastic shells fully surrounding the foot and toes along with removable toe protection cap, the OrthoAir Short is the premium option for protection of mid-foot and toe injuries. The integrated liner inflation system further stabilizes the mid-foot and/or toes, whilst providing extra patient comfort.


·       Moderate to severe stable Mid-foot and toe fractures

·       Postoperative stabilization of the mid-foot/toe

·       Acute mid-foot/toe injuries

·       Mid-foot and toe strains and sprains

Product highlights

·       Full circumferential supportive plastic shells

·       Inflatable, pressure adjustable liner

·       Moveable air inflation button

·       Low profile rocker sole