OXO Good Grips Sink Mat Small


 Set up a safe sink space for your glasses and other fragile dishware with the small Oxo Good Grips Sink Mat. With this large, silicone mat, you can always make sure your delicate dishes drops into a safe surface and avoid chipping or even a slight scratch. Thanks to this practical sink mat, you'll never have to worry about those slippery hands when washing up.

Key Features:

  • Silicone surface provides cushion for your sink and dishes to avoid unwanted scratches or cracks
  • Rigid edges with non-slip silicone feet are designed to securely keep mat in place at the bottom of the sink
  • Feet are elevated so air and water can flow freely
  • Mat is resistant to moulds and PVC-free
  • Can also be used as a draining and drying space for your dishes