Pelvi-Loc Hip Belt

Pelvi-Loc Hip Belt

SKU: Pelvi-Loc Hip Belt

Pelvic retraction hip belt for increased stability and comfort

The ultimate ‘Pelvis Retraction’ system for users with insufficient stabilisation of the pelvis. Pelvi-Loc® connects the pelvis and legs with the wheelchair and forms a functional unit. This unit forms the pivot for efficient use of the functional muscles.

3D shape of the Pelvi-Loc® pads improves the safety of movement and offers high wearing comfort – all day long! Due to this, great advantage results for patients with extensor and high tone. The 3-dimensional shaped pads provide superior comfort even though the belt is firm on the pelvis.

Improves coordination and independence

The passive stabilisation of pelvis and legs permits significantly improved coordination of arm/hand movements where as usually one hand is searching for grip somewhere along the wheelchair. The ratchet buckle system can be operated easily with one hand.

  • Positive toothed ratchet tension system
  • Use on any piece of equipment; Pelvi-Loc® can be installed on virtually any seating equipment, wheelchairs, indoor chairs, children’s strollers etc.
  • Comfortable pads; Safety with high comfort.
  • Easy buckles; Easy to use ratchet levers.
  • Easily adjustable; Easy to adjust incremental ratchet to maintain correct pelvic tension if the user wears a different thickness of clothing (when the weather changes!)