Plastic Juicer with 2 Domes 400ml

Plastic Juicer with 2 Domes 400ml

SKU: NM16633

Avanti Plastic Juicer w/ 2 Domes get the best of your favourite citrus fruit.

This Plastic Juicer comes with two domes to fit all citrus fruit, ensuring maximum juice extraction.

The removable large reaming dome is perfect for reaming large grapefruit and oranges along with the integrated small dome for lemons and lime.

This product also features a detachable slotted top that filters the pips and pith and dispenses the juice directly into the 400ml capacity base.

The base has a handle to help steady the unit as you squeeze the fruit.


BPA Free

Two reaming domes

Spout and Handle

14cm Diameter

400ml Capacity

Colour: White

Construction: Plastic

Capacity: 400ml