Better Livng Portable Sensor Light

SKU: LBNM42207

A battery operated, pocket sized portable sensor light great to use in and around the home, or to take with you when travelling. This compact light works as a simple night light or as a motion activated sensor light. Simply set the light to the ON position for a permanent light source. Great as a stationary light source anywhere around the home you may need it – or use it as a portable torch to move from room to room. Alternatively, set to the AUTO position and the light operates as a motion sensor light. The light will automatically turn on in the dark when movement is detected within a 6 metre radius. With a 90° angle of detection, simply stand it on any flat surface or mount the light to a wall or other surface using the mounting kit included. This great little light uses the latest technology with 9 white ultra-bright, low energy consumption LED lights. This means you never need to replace the bulb. It uses 4 AA batteries (not included at time of purchase)or use the included pow

W: 95 H: 145 D: 0  (mm)
W: 60 H: 120 D: 0  (mm)