ProForm NX Cushion

ProForm NX Cushion

SKU: ProForm NX Cushion

The Varilite Proform NX is an off the shelf customisable cushion.

Comprising of a modifiable wedge, a contoured base, a dual chambered air-foam flotation cushion, and a modifiable thigh cushion, the Proform NX can be modified to meet any number of postural support requirements.

The cushion is available with a mesh or water-resistant cover with breathable two-way strech material. The reticulated foam inside the cover promotes air exchange and improves pressure redistribution. All sizes available.

1. Contoured Base

Closed-cell foam base will not absorb fluid and is resistant to bacteria. The base can be cut with a knife or blade to accommodate the individual needs of a client. Laterals and deep ischial pan provide maximum immersion and pressure redistribution. Moulded thigh troughs improve lower-extremity positioning. Flex Hinge allows the base to flex when a Modifiable Wedge is placed underneath.


2. Air Foam Floatation Cushion

Designed for addressing pelvic obliquities and other asymmetrical conditions, our exclusive Air-Foam Floatation cushion contains two self-inflating, independently-adjustable chambers. ProForm NX is also available in a single chamber configuration. Independent research has shown Varilite’s Air-Foam Floatation to be the #1 in vibration dampening (RESNA 2000).


3. Modifiable Thigh Cushion

The Closed-cell foam Thigh Cushion contours over the medial thigh separator and anterior laterals for added comfort and stability. The Modifiable Thigh Cushion is easy to modify with a blade or knife to match changes made to the Contoured Base. Non absorbent and washable.


4. Valves for Adjusting Air Volume

Easy to use two way air valves allow simple and efficient adjustment. With a simple turn of the valves, adjustments can be made to the independent right and left pelvic chambers, releasing air to immerse the user in the foam. The foam contours to the user and the user’s weight is distributed over the surface of the cushion.


5. Cover

The ProForm NX is available with a mesh or water resistant cover with breathable two-way stretch material. Reticulated foam inside promotes air exchange and improves pressure redistribution. The underside is a rugged nonslip material with hook and loop for added security. The ProForm NX cover meets ISO 7176-16 ignition standards for upholstered wheelchair components and is machine washable.


6. Modifiable Wedge

A modifiable closed-cell foam wedge is standard with each ProForm NX. The modifiable wedge increases the weight-bearing load on the back of the thighs and decreases the load on the buttocks, without changing the seat-to-back angle. The 5cm (2”) tapered wedge trims easily for custom fitting.