SBI Motus Diabetic Walker

SBI Motus Diabetic Walker


The SBI Motus Diabetic Walker is designed for relieving mild to moderate diabetic ulcers on the plantar surface of the foot. The orthosis has a stable plastic frame that protects the tibia, and a detachable inner foam liner that can be thermos-formed with a heat gun. The adjustable SBI insert 3x3 set is an insole that can be customised for targeted pressure relief of plantar foot ulcers. The SBI insert has three layers and three firmness levels (rigid, medium and soft) that can be combined and adapted to the weight and activity level of the patient.


·       Diabetic plantar off-loading

·       Heel off-loading

·       Plantar wound care

Product highlights

·       Short calf design

·       Thermo-formable foam inner liner

·       Customisable pressure relief insole

·       Rocker bottom sole