Smart Drive Power Assist

Smart Drive Power Assist


One of the best things that has happened in the wheelchair industry is the development of Power Assist technology. Power Assist attaches to the wheels a wheelchair or directly to the ground in order to propel the wheelchair along.

Pushing a manual wheelchair can put stress on shoulders and lead to serious issues in the future. The SmartDrive® is an award winning power assist that provides the push you need whenever you need a bit of assistance. 

It offers a range of controls and activity-tracking technology to deliver a seamless power assist experience that may reduce repetitive stress; and it's compatible with folding chairs. 

The quick-release mounting bar is a big feature.  Just pull back on the spring loaded flanges to quickly attach or remove the SmartDrive, and it can go all day without re-charging.


  • POWERFUL – cruises up hills and over thick carpet.
  • INTUITIVE – just pull back on the spring loaded flanges to quickly attach or remove the SmartDrive.
  • SIMPLE – turn on and go all day without recharging.
  • FLEXIBLE – moves with you for wheelies and curbs.
  • PORTABLE – so light, just hook on and you’re all set to go.
  • PushTracker Actitivity Monitoring – it sense your movements to effortlessly control your SmartDrive. It tracks and displays daily activity – including push count, coast time and more.
  • PushTracker SmartPhone App – provides even more information and power assist individualisation. Everything seamlessly connects to give you a complete picture of activity, helping you monitor habits, reduce injury and ultimately, improve your life.
    Range (level/no resistance conditions) 19.8 km
    Max. Speed (level surface) Adjustable [8.8 km/h default]
    Max. Speed (6º incline) Adjustable [6 km/h default]
    Max. Acceleration Adjustable up to 0.6m2 [0.2m2 default]
    Motor Power 250 W
    Motor Voltage 26 V
    Operating Temperature -25ºC to 50ºC
    Continuous Theoretical Driving Range 22.9 km
    Total Weight 61 kg (13.5 lbs)
    Sound Level 60.7 dB(A)
    Expected Lifetime/Service Life 5 years
    Wheelchair Frame Type Rigid, Folding, Tilt-In-Space, One-Arm Driving and Standing
    Drive Wheel Diameter 22" (501mm); 24" (540mm); 25" (559mm) or 26" (590mm)
    Folding Frame Attachment Distance 8.25" (210mm) to 21" (533mm)
    User Weight 14 kg (30 lbs) to 150 kg (331 lbs)

  • Note:  the stated values are from testing with a 150 kg occupant.  The range, speed etc vary depending on driving conditions.

    A wheelchair's specifications provided by its manufacturer may be slightly affected by the addition of the SmartDrive.