Spex DualTec Cushion

Spex DualTec Cushion

SKU: Spex DualTec Cushion

A quality non-contoured cushion that responds to the user's sitting position and redistributes pressure forces

Clinical Benefits

The DualTec Cushion is a great choice for users who:

  • Are at mild-moderate risk of tissue breakdown
  • Require simple pressure relief
  • Need dynamic sitting flexibility

Functional Benefits

  • Lightweight and low maintenance
  • Layers of high-quality specific dual foam offers superior comfort and promotes even distribution while moulding to body shape
  • Flat and non-contoured cushion
  • For use in vehicles, chairs, lounge seating
  • Self contouring 'mould and hold' to the user's pelvis

Weight capacity

10 - 15": 68 kg (150 lb)
16 - 20": 112 kg (250 lb)