Spex Mantaray Back Support

Spex Mantaray Back Support

SKU: Spex Mantaray Back Support

Solid shell with unique adjustable laterals (wings) that can be width, height and angle adjustable to give excellent lateral stability


Mantaray Back Support is designed for the individuals who requires:

  • A solid back support to support minimal deformities or stability needs
  • Minimal to moderate postural support
  • Improved trunk/pelvic positioning whilst maintaining propelling efficiency
  • Has mild-moderate torso asymmetries
  • Greater functionality as there is minimal hardware between the client and the lateral supports


  • Fully adjustable and repositionable lateral 'wings' means that the therapist/clinician can ensure the right support in the right place for the user
  • Slick and non-obtrusive yet provides the right amount of spine and lateral stability for many different postural needs
  • Lightweight solid aluminium back support with quick-release hardware
  • Wrap upholstery section gives conforming comfort
  • Offers exceptional trunk stability
  • Minimal contouring, and includes positioning kit for further postural enhancements
  • Add headrests and other positioning supports if more support is required
  • Different coloured covers available!