Spirometer Threeflow Respiratory Exerciser

SKU: NM1038085

The Incentive Spirometer is ideal for developing, improving, and maintaining your respiratory fitness.
The Incentive is a Deep Breathing Exerciser that has been scientifically constructed as a means of encouraging you to take a slow Sustained Maximal Inspiration (SMI).
A Sustained Maximal Inspiration is vitally important to your general well-being. Deep breaths expand the small air sacs of your lungs and help clear the air passages of mucus. This, in turn, can help prevent the build up of fluid in your lungs.
Normally, you take many deep breaths each hour - usually without being aware of it. They are spontaneous and automatic, and occur in the form of sighs and yawns.
In certain instances, such as illness, your normal breathing pattern can change. The Incentive Spirometer is designed to help you perform normal deep breathing exercises. In turn, the spirometer will help you to prevent the possibility of respiratory complications or to improve your breathing pattern if you have a respiratory condition,
For example, when you are experiencing pain following chest or abdominal surgery, your breathing tends to become shallow, and your deep breaths are suppressed in an effort to minimize pain. In these instances, it is important that you strive to resume your normal breathing pattern. That's where the incentive spirometer steps in to improve you quickly.
By carefully following your health practitioner's instructions and the directions provided with your TriFlo II Incentive Spirometer, you should be well on your way toward better breathing patterns.