TabTimer Super 8


Up to 8 alarms per day - 8 storage compartments
Tab Time Super 8 is one of the most effective and efficient daily pill timer and medication reminder on the world market.
TabTime Super 8 - Set it and forget it!

  • 8 Pill compartment design with up-to 8 alarms per day
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can be set at exact times when reminders are due
  • Countdown timer can be used for regular doses (up to 99 hours 59 mins)
  • Alarm sounds for 40 seconds when reminder time arrives
  • LED light on lid continues to flash until opened indicating 'missed dose'
  • Trigger switch stops alarm/flashing once device is opened to take pills
  • Easy open magnetic catch for weak or shaky hands
  • Adjustable 'Hi/Lo' Volume (Volume level approx 45-55db)
  • 3 extra large control buttons
  • Large display screen with clear figures
  • 3 bar battery strength indicator
  • Easy access battery compartment for easy replacement
  • Clock with 24 hour display function (military style)
  • 1 x "CR2032" Size battery included
  • Unit Dimensions: 110 X 60 X 30 mm
  • Compartment Dimensions : 25 x 25 x 13mm
  • Made in China

  • ** PLEASE NOTE: If using a Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) the magnet in this product could interfere with the effectiveness of the DBS. To avoid interference ensure that the magnet in this product does not come into close contact with the battery or components of the stimulator.