The Wonder Sheet - Pillow Case Set  1/2 & 1/2

The Wonder Sheet - Pillow Case Set 1/2 & 1/2


For many suffering from limited mobility the basic function of turning over in bed can be difficult and often painful. Neeki has developed a unique fitted sheet called the Wonder Sheet. A unique style of fitted sheet that could be the answer to your movement difficulties.

A unique style of pillowcase we made for a reason. To help make moving your head on your pillowcase easier.

It uses the same fabric as the Wonder Sheet fitted sheet and the same colour, a creamy/beige.

It has the gorgeous charmeuse satin on the top side against your head and 50/50 blend poly/cotton sheeting on the underside. It was designed with the poly/cotton fabric on the underside to stop if from moving around while you enjoy the benefits of having the beautiful satin against your head.