Therapack Hot & Cold Pack,Ankle & Elbow , 30 x 16cm

Hot and Cold PackRelief when you need it most!Therapacks® manufacture premium quality hot and cold packs which are natural alternatives for; aches and pains, headache/migraine, muscle/body relaxation, stomach aches, period pains, labour pains, sport injuries, inflammation and arthritis.As†Australia†has one of the highest levels of allergy related diseases like asthma, ìAll Natural product"" was the focus of our design. Therapacks® contain lupin grain particularly in our older population was ìpolypharmacy"" (i.e. use of many medications). †Statistics show that the risk of experiencing an adverse drug event increases with the number of medications taken together; 6% - if two medications are taken a natural seed and fabrics are 100% cotton.


Products are also suitable for hand-washing. This ensures our products are as allergy friendly as they can be.An identified area of concern 50% - if five medications are taken and 100% - if eight or more medications are co-administered. Use of non-pharmacological alternatives like Therapacks® will reduce the medication use and potential risk of adverse effects."Ideal for:Lower back pain Stomach aches Upper spinal pain Period pain Labour pain Sports injuriesElbow and Ankle Pack:This design is made to fit the ankle, elbow and upper arm. The pack wraps neatly around these areas and is held in place by Velcro fastening straps. The user retains mobility while receiving the benefit of the treatment. It relieves sports injuries, brings local pain relief, eases joint pain, sprains and arthritis