Ultimate Purple Seat Cushion

Ultimate Purple Seat Cushion


For the most luxurious sitting! Extra wide and deep Extra thick and firm for long sitting sessions. Fits best on extra wide seats. Dual Layer design with pelvic contouring for added pressure relief and spinal alignment.

Sleek black cover with convenient carrying
handle. Durable polymer consistency immediately returns to its original shape, with no permanent depressions.

If you want an extra wide cushion to fit an extra-wide seat, the Ultimate Purple Cushion is 10cm wider and 5cm longer to fit your to fit a wider person and seats.

The contoured groove at the back of the cushion will also help align your spine and aid in adjusting your posture, so you can sit with a straight spine.

The Ultimate Purple Cushions is the firmest and thickest cushion offered for extra support when the pressure starts to add up. . .

 Extra thick and firm for high-pressure areas.

56cm x 46cm x 6.5cm