Universal Kettle Tipper

SKU: KDNM4101-1

Universal Kettle Tipper

People with limited wrist movement or poor grip can find it difficult to lift a kettle. As a result, to eliminate the need to lift the kettle and help people easily pour water in their cup, this Universal Kettle Tipper has been designed.

Designed so that it suitable to fit most common types of kettles, like jugs and cordless models. There is a lever on both sides of the kettle. The lever allows for easy tipping of the kettle without having to lift it.

This helps in preventing the strain on the wrist and also ensures complete safety. The kettle is designed to go back into its original position when the user lets go of the lever. Providing enhanced safety.

The base plate of the tipper is 200mm in diameter and also has a sliding stop at the front with the help of which the kettle can be positioned in the required position with utmost ease. The feet of the kettle tipper are rubber coated to make sure that doesn’t slide when being used. Made from durable material, it is highly compact and very easy to use.