XXL Rehab by Cobi Bariatric Shower Chair, 610mm wide Seat, 325kg

SKU: NMPAT-091202720

The XXL Rehab by Cobi Bariatric Shower Bariatric Shower Chair has been designed with a number of features that help provide a comfortable seat for bariatric users. 



  • Backrest can be adjusted in depth +/- 60mm and has curved tubing to ensure comfort for any body shape.
  • Having the right height for the user ensures success in getting in and out of the chair and these chairs are adjustable from 420 to 550mm. 
  • Butterfly armrests ensure the body doesn't get squeezed getting in to and out of the chair whilst providing a good grip for sitting and getting up.
  • The high-tech, lightweight tubing provides the highest strength at the lowest weight
  • Removable seat pad ensures these items are easy to clean.
  • Available in two seat widths, 610mm and 710mm


  • Seat Width: 610mm
  • Seat Depth: 400 to 520mm
  • Overall Width: 730mm
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Maximum User Weight: 325kg
  • Ordered by request only. 3-5 days ETA