Nova Medical Australia trial loans T&C

  • The clinician agrees to either collect and return the equipment to Nova Medical Australia

  • All trial equipment must be returned to Nova within 48hrs of trial.

  • If you require the trial longer please contact our office on Ph: 4427 6087

  • Any damage to trial equipment need to be reported by clinician to Nova Medical Australia.

  • Nova Medical Australia shall not be liable for any claims made in respect to injury or damages to property caused using the equipment with a clinician.

  • All equipment remains the property of Nova Medical Australia

  • Clinicians are to take reasonable care of the Nova Medical equipment, maintain it in its original (new) condition.

  • All equipment is to be used for a dry trial only.

  • The clinician will hold all responsibility and liability for the demonstration and trialing of the Nova Medical Australia equipment.

  • For infection control measure, no equipment is to be trialed with a person who has any type if infectious disease.

  • The equipment trialed with a person that is incontinent must use the appropriate protection.

  •  If any the above conditions are infringed the clinician may be responsible for repair, cost or replacement of goods.